George Boden
Game Designer, Writer

Cool Guys

When I'm not working on my own projects, I'm usually following other artists obsessively. I've been lucky enough to meet and work with some of these talented people in the past, usually through an online community or at a public event like Comic-Con. If you see your work here and we haven't met yet, please shoot me an email so I can shower you with praise.

My roommate and close friend who goes to DigiPen with me. His design sense is impeccable; He catches issues before they even exist. Wylie is dedicated, intelligent, and charismatic. No situation comes to mind that wouldn't be improved by his presence. A confident and determined designer who I worked with on Doodle Dash. His passion for games and childlike heart astound me even to this day.
Mitch and I used to draw webcomics together, and we've been close friends ever since. Putting us together usually means trouble. My cousin, and one of the most organized, dedicated, and professional people I know (though unfortunately not as handsome as me). Ben can program basically anything, so he's pretty cool (for a nerd). I didn't really know what to put for his picture, so here's his face.
An amazing animator who I worked with on the Dr. Lawyer series. He also makes some really great music. Shane's a great voice actor who also worked with me on Dr. Lawyer. His soothing banter can put ten babies to sleep probably. An incredibly talented artist with a highly memorable art style. Occasionally he'll update his stupendous webcomic "City of Reality."
Some of the greatest and nicest game developers I know. Creators of titles such as Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater. A game company that excels in creating really enjoyable art and music to go along with their really enjoyable games. I've visited Newgrounds ever since I was too young to visit Newgrounds. It's one of my favorite sites for artists to showcase their work.
An extremely talented animator who goes by the handle "TerminalMontage." His work is beyond professional. A Nintendo-focused news site and magazine that was nice enough to offer me opportunities to write for them. A college that specializes in game development. The education I received here gave me invaluable connections and insight to the industry.
An addicting webcomic written by Aaron Neathery which follows the chilling tales of mutants trying to survive in a post-war world. A fantastic webcomic which consistently hits the right beats on storytelling and humor. One of my favorite cartoon artists with an absolutely gorgeous art style. Author of Diesel and Boxer Hockey.
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